About Us

Welcome to Sweet Fauna Store.

Founded in March 2017, Sweet Fauna is formed up of a small group of animal passionate who are dedicated to bringing you the most unique, fun and affordable animal themed jewellery and products from around the world!

Here you will find marvelous, rare and awesome items you have GOT to have for your loved ones!

We take great care in selecting our products to ensure that they are different so that the person receiving it appreciates having received something of great value. After all you want them to remember you whenever they use the gift!

We are also keen to provide like minded individuals with creative ways to express their love for our planet's adorable creatures through our huge collection of animal-themed jewellery, products and gifts!

So browse around and you may just find something cute for yourself too! Thanks for your visit and please be sure to register for the newsletter so we can share the Latest and Greatest Awesome stuff.